Majrex 4.9 ft

SIGA-Majrex® is the safest solution for your constructions. The patented Hygrobrid® technology ensures moisture accumulation within the structure is minimized and moisture transport out of the structure is maximized.

increased safety in every construction
Dimensionally stable
can be laid quickly and without wrinkles
Printed cutting and laying aid
time saving

Length/ roll: 164 ft
Width: 4.9 ft
Area tot: 807 ft²
Material: Modified PE/PA reinforced with PET fibers
Thickness: 12 mils
Standard: EN 13984, type A
Air permeance: ASTM E 2178, 0.00002 cfm/ft²

EN ISO 12572, US perm <0.097 - ≥ 4.25

Majrex is the first and only airtight membrane certified by the Passive House Institute.

Variable vapor control layers have not been as successful as expected in reducing the risk of damage. SIGA wanted to change that. It resulted in the creation of SIGA-Majrex® with Hygrobrid® technology.

SIGA-Majrex® is the smartest and safest membrane on the market because of its one-direction vapor transportation.

The Technical University of Dresden in Germany performed material measurements in the lab and measurements of construction elements in flat roofs in critical climatic conditions.

The measurements prove that
SIGA-Majrex® with Hygrobrid® technology significantly reduces moisture development in the structure compared with conventional variable vapor control layers, and the diffusion of any moisture that is in the structure to the outside is faster.